Over 35 years as a professional translator from French and Italian to English.
I was born and educated in New Zealand; I lived 12 years in France and have been living in Italy for over 30 years.

Publishing sector

Non-fiction, sociology, philosophy, psychology, art critiques, architecture, medical publications. University research publications and academic papers.
Art exhibition and museum catalogues, catalogues raisonnés, monographies and biographies, history, poetry.
Magazine articles, editorials, advertising, and press releases.
Specialised industrial and technological magazines.

Academic translations

University textbooks, academic research publications, doctoral theses, university course material.

Industrial, scientific and technical translations

Industrial magazines: mechanics, chemicals, civil engineering & construction, architecture, heavy industry, robotics, plastics, leather and tanning technology, naval automation, urban renewal and redevelopment, green and renewable energy, urban refuse and water treatment plants, hotel industry, interior decoration.
20 years as interpreter for international fairs in UK, France and Italy.
Over 270 industrial manuals, R&D publications.
More than 50 industrial company websites.
Over 200 European patents.

Voluntary Work

Interpreter and Translator for immigration documents, legal procedures, hospital care and medical records.
Amnesty International. // Protection of women and children.



Non-fiction: biographies, sociology, philosophy, psychology, art critiques, monographies, art books, architecture and design, poetry, history, literary analysis, medical publications. Scientific and technical publications. University research and academic papers. Magazine articles and editorials.

Translations published by:
British Medical Journal
Brooks/Cole University Texts
Oxford University Press
Forma Edizioni
Officina Libraria
Silvana Editoriale
Luca Sossella Editore
De Agostini
Mousse Publishing
Franco Angeli Editori

De Luca Editori d'Arte
RIBA Publishing
Arte & Storia Lugano
ARTEin Publishing
Bruno Barbieri /BibliothecaCulinaria
MarieClaire Maison
Hotel Domani
Tecnico Calzaturiera

Academic Translations.

Research publications and academic papers, doctoral theses, course material, textbooks, conference material, academic text revisions.

Subjects: Sociology, philosophy, history, psychology, literature, history of art, poetry.
Orthopaedics, cardiology, veterinary courses, hearing aid technology, homeopathy.
Chemistry, geo-physics, oenology.
Architecture, civil engineering.

Politecnico (Milan)
Politecnico (Turin)
Cattolica (Milan)
Bicocca (Milan)
Salerno (Naples)
Università di Roma 3
Università Europea Rome

Modartech (Pisa)
York (UK)
Leeds (UK)
Sorbonne (Paris)
Université Paris-Est Créteil Rouen (France)
McGill (Canada)
Lisbon (Portugal)


Industrial manuals, patents, R&D publications, technological trade magazines, web sites.

Industrial machinery // Production lines and handling systems // Robotics and automation // Quality control technology // Chemicals and plastics // Civil engineering and design // Environmental engineering // Urban renewal and redevelopment, green and renewable energy // Urban refuse and water treatment plants // Industrial cooling and heating systems // Acoustic and radiant panel technology // Mixed fuel stoves and boilers // Prosthesis & orthopaedic technology // Hearing aid technology // Marine automation systems // Furniture design and production // Shoe machinery, leather and tanning technology // Custom-made luxury bicycles //

Industrial company websites // Real Estate websites – Paris and Milan // Hotel and restaurant websites.

Cultural Translations.

Art exhibition and museum catalogues, catalogues raisonées, art critiques, monographies and biographies, design, history, architecture, literary analysis, poetry. Commentary and voice-over texts for films, cultural events and festivals.
Over 40 websites for tourist sites, museum and gallery guides.

Venice Biennale
Vatican Museums
Castello Sforzesco (Milan)
Marini Museum (Florence)
Belvedere Fortress (Florence)
Divina Bellezza (Siena)
Expo 2015 (Milan)
Genoa Aquarium
MAXXI Museum (Rome)
Galleria Tornabuoni
Umbria Jazz
Castel Sant'Angelo (Rome)
Milan Triennale

Translations for:
Festival of the two worlds (Spoleto)
MAST (Bologna)
Milan Design Week
New National Museum (Monaco)
Louvre Museum
Palace of Versailles
Magnelli Museum Vallauris
Documenta Kassel
MoMA (New York)
LAC - Lugano Art and Culture
Brussels Antiques Fine Arts Fair